Thursday, December 11, 2008


Garter Ridged Baby Set

Here's another little pattern for the Holiday Mystery Gifts Yahoo! group. A friend of mine (Hi Gaby!) who works at the Vallarta Yacht Club needed a gift for her friend who is expecting. I had written up the little hat years ago for my beginning knitting classes that I taught. So...I reknit it and added booties to...well, boot!

This is a very simple and fast little project - sized for newborn to about 3 mos. depending on the little person's head size. I used a combination of a solid color and a matching varigated print. Yarn is sport weight Red Heart Baby Soft.

Now, if only I had some grandchildren - or even if my sons' friends produced children...

That's very cute, one of my son's friend is about to be a father. Jeffrey asked me if I'd knit the baby a blanket... I said when's it due? 2 weeks! Maybe the baby will get a set like this.
I LOVE this!!! I'm going to knit this and put it in my "Hope Chest," which is hoping for grandchildren! It is adorable. Thx for the pattern!
Oh, that baby set is so cute! And I just learned to knit a sock, so maybe I can do it (I hope). My daughter just had a baby (their first, and my first grandbaby) on Monday Dec. 8! Her name is Ella. I can't wait to try knitting this for her. Thanks so much for the pattern. You are so imaginative in your designs! I love to see everything you're knitting and to hear about your sailing adventures.
Merry Christmas to you and Jonesy.
Terry I LOVE this set... sorry just now found your BLOG again lol.. Hubby wiped out lap top .
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