Tuesday, October 03, 2006


9 Days and counting...

Here we are in all our glorious dryness. The rudder repair has involved not only mechanics, but engineers, painters, fiberglass folks, and everyone must be an artist. There is not an off-the-shelf solution, it is all one-of-a-kind research and development effort.

We will be on the hard for a few more days. This latest adventure has been exciting, fun, noisy, dirty, noisy, dirty, dirty, noisy. Of course I'm knitting an off-white vest, so I'm constantly having to wash my hands. Oh, did I mention that we can't run water?

hey jonsey its Aaron just a quick note to tell you how cool what you are doing hope you get your boat fixed soon and have a great time with tony take it easy on him he is a flatlander take care
Terry - I am living vicariously through you. In another life I used to do teak work on yachts. Your companion during the drive to knitting camp 2005 - Kathy
I'm living thru you toooo!!!1 Count me in. I have you on my blog spot to keep checking in on you. I just gave another lady your blog spot. She too live on a sail boat. They are wintering in S.Portland, ME area. Thought she would love reading your adventures and vise versa. Now ya'll don't leave me out , ye her. Thanks for posting for all of land people.
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