Wednesday, September 27, 2006


On the Hard

We are now "on the hard", in other words, we are no longer in the water but are propped up on blocks of wood and scrawny metal supports in the boatyard. After they postponed our appointment last week, we called every day to see when they could get us in. Then on Monday, we decided that perhaps we would have better luck if we showed up in person. Ta-da! They told us to come on over at 1pm. Sometimes you just gotta be pushy.

So we pulled in at exactly 1pm, tied ourselves to a floating dock and waited. Not today. Moved the boat over to another dock so they could launch a couple of mega-yachts. Spent the night on the boat. Next day - moved the boat to another floating dock. Lots of activity hauling & launching more mega-yachts, but not our turn yet. Spent another night on the boat. Then, this morning we were hauled out.

I'm writing this from the city library because we have not had, and will not have internet for days.

Coming Soon! "Life in a Boatyard - Up Close & Personal"

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