Sunday, September 03, 2006


30 Years of Married Bliss

Today is Jones' and my 30 year wedding anniversary! We are spending it quietly doing what we love; Jones is watching auto races on TV and I'm knitting. Homemade fruit smoothies for afternoon snack and hot dogs on the grill for supper.

Life is sweet.

Happy Anniversary! Been enjoying your posts about the sailing life -- and seeing your projects! Have a great weekend!
Happy Anniversary you two! Gee, we just had our 20th and you the same week with your 30th! Totally cool!
I hope your next 30 years together are as wonderful as the first 30 were!
Belated best wishes.
Congratulations, Terry & Jonesy! We all miss you here, but know you are both happy doing what you have dreamed of doing for years! :)
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