Monday, August 28, 2006


Crafty stuff

Forgive me readers, for I have slacked off. It's been many days since I have knit (until today!) Just having way too much fun doing other crafty stuff. I've gotten involved in making stitch markers for a new Yahoo! group where we exchange handmade markers.

My first set was made of purple and glass beads. Next I used a wire twisting technique, I made a row counter marker. For folks who prefer to knit in the round, this marker will indicate that you've completed a round - and you can change the numbers to keep track of where you are in a pattern. The little sheep is a magnet. I bought the already painted cutout at the local craft store for 25 cents (Michael's), glued on a magnet, and covered the front in a clear glaze. Okay, not real creative, but it's the thought that counts - at least that's what my mom used to say.

Because it will soon be Halloween - I made some quick markers with charms I purchased attached to an inexpensive charm bracelet last year. The black rings are O-rings that I have Jones order for me from McMaster-Carr industrial supply house. I like the way they slightly grip the knitting needles so they don't get in the way when you're knitting.
Also this week, I made a cover for the Raw Water Washdown Switch which is used to wash the mud off of the anchor after we pull it up. This little switch is in the forward berth where we park our guests. Right next to this switch is the light switch. So what's the problem? Well, if you pull on the Raw Water Washdown Switch, it will activate a pump that sucks seawater into the boat - into a hose that is down in the bilge - filling the bilge/boat with water. This is a potential boat sinker! Cripes! First thing we did was to put a self-shutting hose nozzle on the hose in the bilge. Then, I made a cover for the switch. This will prevent a nosy kid, or a confused guest from accidentally activating this pump.

The cover is a $1 wood box from the craft store, a piece of woven cane from the upholstery store, a piece of cheap sisal rope and a 25 cent painted wooden anchor.

Three coats of marine varnish, some selfstick Velcro, and a cover is born!

ok i know stupis question lol but how do you make those things for the stitches??? I tried with wire lol omg i suck lol Are they hard?
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