Sunday, September 24, 2006


Harry's Golf Vest

My dad, Harry, got back from Germany a few days ago and asked how I was doing on his golf vest. Hmmmm...I had the yarn and a design worked out in my head. That's all. So, I got to work. This is going to be a cardigan with abalone buttons up the front.

The yarn is from KnitPicks - Main Line - and is a worsted weight Pima cotton and Merino wool blend. As Harry lives in Palm Desert in southern California, I thought this yarn would be appropriate. My plan is to knit it in one piece up to the armholes, then split for the fronts & back.

Harry brought me back a whole bunch of wild sock yarns from his travels! Whoo hooo! This is better than Christmas! I haven't seen them yet - so I gotta hurry up with the vest so I can deliver it and pick up the sock yarns!

Gotta go knit....

Oooo, the vest looks awesome. You are really "cruising" on it! It must be all the fresh air!

Lucky you; sock yarn from Germany!! Totally jealous here. We were in Germany over Easter weekend. Unfortunately, that meant all the shops were closed!!!! No yarn for me.
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