Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Cable Swatch

This is a swatch from a class that I've taught on how to knit cables & bobbles. I wanted knitters to realize that most of the cables they will see are made up of only 2 slightly different actions - right twists & left twists.

While we were at it, it was fun to also demonstrate different borders.

See how the stocking stitch border (2nd from the bottom) curls? Not a good choice - curling is inherent in this pattern stitch.

See how the garter stitch border wants to pull up the bottom (bottom and top areas)? This is because the row gauge in garter stitch is different - more rows to the inch - than stocking stitch. To remedy this I will add a "short row" every now and then to add extra garter stitch rows so that the border lies flat and relaxed with the rest of the item (scarf/armhole and cardigan edging/afghan squares/etc.)

The seed stitch (k1,p1) border is a good choice usually. Nice and flat.
End of lesson...back to our regular scheduled knitting...
Working on the saddle shoulders for the FLAK KAL on Yahoo! Simple braided cable work. I am using a new (to me) technique for the 2 stitch cable twist of this piece. Instead of using a cable needle, I knit into 2nd stitch on the needle first, don't slip off, then knit into the first stitch, then slip both off. The effect is very very very close to using a cable needle with only a slight difference in the tension of the two stitches. I like it - it's easier to do - so there.
Knit on,

i like it also
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