Sunday, January 15, 2006


"Sherbet" Fair Isle Beanie

Now, this little number is another sample hat from the class that I taught. I had it "on the needles" to demonstrate the 2-color knitting technique. Well, silly me didn't keep any of the bright pink ("Petal"-KnitPicks Palette) yarn - I gave it all away to the students. So...I had to improvise with other colors. I think it kinda resembles rainbow sherbet mixed with raspberry & ???? It's not blocked yet. I think I'll keep it that way to show the next class (January 28th at Frog Pond Knits) the benefits of blocking. Things sure look better after wetting so that the stitches all even out.

I experimented with a 6-pointed star design on the top using vertical double decreases and simple striping. Not sure that I like it that much - kinda squarish, but it looks better on the head.

The ends haven't been woven in yet - I'm leaving those for now so that I can demonstrate weaving in at the next class. No, I won't have the students do the work for me. Believe me, I've done that, thinking I was oh-so smart getting them to do the dirty work. But, then I had to rip it all out because it looked terrible!!! After the class I'll settle in to watch an episode of "Law & Order" and weave in the ends.

Inside view - and all those yarn tails!!!

So, for the upcoming class, I've decided to use Karisma superwash wool yarn in a worsted weight. This class is only 2 1/2 hours so I'd like them all to be able to make some progress on their knitting. I selected some colors of the wool, and will be winding it down into smaller butterflies so that everyone can have a little bit of each color. Colorwork is so much more fun with many colors (duh).

Knit on,

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