Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Got Knitting...

Well, I finally blocked the fair isle hat I knit as the sample for my last class that I taught at Sierra College. This is my own design, knit with KnitPicks "Palette" fingering weight wool.

These are so much fun to knit!!! I created a spreadsheet in Excel to calculate the decrease rate for the "wheel" top of the tam. Also, I charted out some basic designs that I can print out and color with pencils to create colorways.

Who can ever get bored knitting???? Not me!!!

Below is another view showing the corregated ribbing with the gradual changes in hue of the background colors.

to the right is my next sock project - this time for dear husband. It is Opal brand sock yarn in one of their "Dream Catcher" colorways. Gray, of course.

Keep Knitting!!

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