Sunday, January 08, 2006


Cabled Baby hat

This is a quick little cable/rib baby hat I knit up for a baby shower tomorrow. The edge around the face is a simple shell crochet stitch.

We finished the faux finish painting to look like burlap in the upstairs hall bathroom. Actually, it was really fun to do it - because it's supposed to look like a rough fabric, we didn't have to worry about straight lines. There have been so many layers of wallpaper applied, and then peeled off of the walls, and other injuries, so that we would have had to do a lot of prep work just to get a smooth surface for painting. I looked into real grass cloth wall coverings and, YIKES!, they are expensive. So we tried this faux finish. First we painted the walls paper-bag brown. Then we mixed 4 parts "glaze" and 1 part off-white paint. We rollered this onto the wall in sections. We cut 1/8' knotches in a rubber shower squeegee and dragged this down the wall. This made stripes - but not really strippy - because the white paint/glaze mixture filled into the rough finish of the wall. A few days later, we applied another coat of the lighter paint/glaze mixture, then dragged a different squeegee - this time 1/16" knotches, across the wall to mimic a weaving.

Unlike other home improvement ventures, this time we really had fun doing the work!! What the heck! We don't have to live here!!!

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