Monday, November 21, 2005


She was Thrumming around the mountain...

Finished Object! I finally finished the THRUMMED hat that I knit for my son who is modeling it in the picture. Check out the picture below for the inside of the hat where you can see all the little tufts (thrums) of roving that are knit into this hat! This will keep him nice and warm this winter while skiing up at Tahoe.

The natural colored band is from some yarn that was spun & plied while I watched this fall up at the California Wool & Fiber Festival/Mendocino County Fair. This yarn is the winner in the "quality" catagory of the spin-off. Because I admired it the spinner gave it to me right there on the spot. So...I started knitting it into the hat I was working on while watching the spinning events!

The little off-white V's in the hat are the backs of the thrums. As he wears the hat, the thrums will felt slightly from the heat, moisture, and rubbing which will create a nice heat-catching, thermal insulating layer.

Other works on the needles: a pair of gray socks for dear husband, a Charlottes Web shawl from Koigu yarns for ME, a brown wool cardigan as a shop sample for Frog Pond Knits, and many more oldies...

The kitchen is almost DONE! Today Jones and my younger son will be sealing the tile counter tops. All the appliances are in, the tile work is done, and it is beautiful. Too bad it's for someone would be nice to live with all of the luxuries - but, I'm heading off to other pastures.

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