Sunday, November 27, 2005



Here's your chance! I've begun to sell my large collection of knitting magazines on eBay! Search eBay by my seller ID - sailingknitter - of course, and you can see what we've managed to let go of. Lots of Vogue Knitting, Piecework, Easy Knitting, Creative Knitting, and more. I'm working my way thru the stacks this weekend, then it is on to the boxes/bags/piles of yarn. If you haven't read a Piecework magazine - they are wonderful! They have great articles on the history of various types of needlecraft with pictures of museum pieces, patterns, and stories about the women that created the pieces. Plus, you can get ideas from the other needlework to apply to your knitting!
Okay - plodding on upstairs to gather more stuff for eBay...

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The destash begins!! I will be more than willing to help when you get to the wool...
Thought I would update you the yarn you sent me I have started a baby poncho in all colors :O) Wish I had the money to buy your magazines! Wish you luck on saling them all. I go for my LAST Ultra Sound tomorrow( or at least i think it is the last) If you can email me at I will send you pictures when i get them on the way how is the sailing going?/???
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