Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Knitting Unites Old Friends

There I was at one of the local yarn stores hanging out with my buddies. We had just come back from the Fresno Art Museum which has an exhibit of the lace knitting of Mary Walker-Phillips and were enjoying visiting the new "Knitique" store in Elk Grove.

One of the regular gals came in with her husband and introduced him around. Wow! He was Patrick - an old friend from grad school who moved away before finishing the program because his job moved him! It was so good to see him again! If I wasn't a knitter I would never know what happened to him. This is a great example of networking.

On the knitting front - I couldn't resist buying some Frog Tree alpaca fingering weight yarn. See, I've been reading the book "Folk Knitting in Estonia" by Nancy Bush and had those beautiful mittens and gloves on the brain. Oh yes, of course I have other wool - but the alpaca just jumped out at me. I bought some red/cream/black for a traditional colored set, and then some moss/avocado/yellow for a brighter look. I know, I know - I am packing to leave, so it has already been placed (lovingly) in a "space bag" for transport onto the boat.

On the needles - routine knitting - another simple pair of socks, this time for my older son.

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