Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Monkey & Socks

Yesterday I managed to get a photo of one of the many monkeys who roam the parks here in Cartagena. It was a holiday (again!) so the park was unusually quiet. I think that folks must feed these little monkeys because they came a-running when we stopped to see them. They were probably hungry and looking for a handout. Sorry - no food with us.

Also yesterday, I finished the pair of socks I was knitting for my friend Kathryn from the sailing vessel Pelican. Here she is with her debut as a foot model. The yarn is Skacel Trampoline and has a bit of elastic in the core of the strand, similar to Regia Stretch. As Pelican will be sailing north up to the Eastern Seaboard soon, wool socks are much appreciated.

The wind is blowing from the "ugly" direction this morning which kicks up the spiky wind waves and rocks the boat. So, we'll probably have to stay aboard to guard against other boats dragging their anchors into us if a squall builds. At least we don't have to go to work!

Park monkeys are certainly more expressive than park pigeons!
Those are very pretty socks, how far up north is she going?
I'll battle spiky waves and knit all day... nothing wrong with that.
You got that right; you don't have to go to work! You lucky people! Of course, I work at home, but I'd still rather be adventuring my way around the globe the way you are! Keep the posts and photos coming. We forced landlubbers love 'em!

Deborah in Benicia, CA.
The socks are beautiful -- what a nice gift! She's very lucky!
That looks like a marmoset or Tamrin. How lucky you are Socks and Monkeys!!!!
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