Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Jonesy - Net Controller

One of the ways that the cruising community stays in touch with each other is through the daily "Net" over the VHF radio. Jonesy has been acting as the "Net Controller" - the man behind the mike who runs the show. In addition to the "check-ins" from all of the boats, there's a list of items that are covered each day.

He calls for vessels that can carry mail back to the US/Canada, anyone needing crew or wanting to crew, gives folks a chance to ask for assistance or to make general announcements that may interest the fleet.Last year we just listened to the Net and checked-in. But this year Jonesy is comfortable with being the controller. I guess it's the additional sea-miles he has behind him now.

While I was digging through some of my storage cubicles looking for the pewter clasps for the nordic baby sweater (which I haven't found yet), I came across 3 balls of yarn rubberbanded together. A hat! Yes! I had saved these for a fun hat. So I dropped all other knitting projects...you all know how that works...and began a new hat. The brim is a 2 x 2 rib knit with some soft novelty yarn held with a tweedy wool and is rolled up over itself twice! In other words, is 3 thicknesses around the ears. Then I used another color of tweedy wool for the crown.

Well, some of our boat repairs are done! Whoo hooo! It's always something - just like a house. so here's a photo of Jonesy working under the galley sink to repair the rolling-furler for the main sail. Yes - under the kitchen sink. That's how boats are, systems are crammed in every cubby.

So Dave, on the sailing vessel Baraka worked out a schematic for how this box of electrical crap dodads works. He had to take the box over to his boat and work on it for a full day. Well, remember Opal the boat cat that we had onboard all last summer? Well, she was not pleased apparently. So, when nobody was looking - that cranky old cat chewed up Dave's homework! So now we have this to put away for next time this system acts up.

Express Delivery:

Here's Dave from Baraka making a delivery to our boat this evening. What's in the canvas bag at his feet? Why is Jonesy smiling as he grabs the bag and makes a dash for the cockpit?

Because it is a PIZZA delivery!!! Fresh out of Jan's oven on Baraka!
Jan knows that I've been under the weather on my boat with a bad cold (germs from the tourists I'm sure!)...she could probably hear me hacking as we are anchored next to each other. Anyway, she took pity on Jonesy and baked him a pizza and had Dave deliver it right to our boat! Jonesy was in heaven. I can't eat wheat (gluten) so I don't do a lot of baking on board.

Aren't cruisers great peoples? THANK YOU JAN!

Photo: Jan out standing on Baraka in Zihuatanejo making sure the pizza gets delivered.

A thousand miles between us and yet we share the same crappy cold! Cheers!
wow, what a full packed episode. The pizza looked so good. What a nice person to go to all that trouble. Hoory for her! Your hat is wonderful as usual. Hope Jonsey gets the boat back in order.... take care of yourself. Be safe
I am so envious of your life. Warm breezes, beautiful water to enjoy. And the pizza was a great gift!!! You live the life alot of us would love to have so enjoy it for those of us grounded in rains, cold, clouds and the wind!
Good neighbors are the biggest blessing ever in the world - so it does not matter if your terra is firma or marine... you are blessed.

Thanks for sharing all your adventures because it livens up the dildrums of this January day.
Found your blog from Heather and Jim on Meerkat. We cruised with them in Mexico in the late 90's. Loved reading your blog and seeing the pictures - so many wonderful memories of great cruising. We did the east coast and Bahamas last year - can't compare with Mexico but was great! Keep having fun!
Suzie and Kirby of s/v TOBIAS - now on land in South Carolina.
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