Saturday, December 01, 2007


Let the Cruising Season Begin!

Ahhhh...the official start of the cruising season began with the inaugural hammock sunset viewing from the bow of Niki Wiki in Tenacatita Bay.
After paying the ransom, we escaped the boatyard with the best looking hull in the fleet. We slurped up some diesel for the iron jib, and headed out to the open waters of Banderas Bay.

First stop: La Cruz de Huanamixtle. We began the clean-up of the multi-colored layers of sanding residue which covered every surface inside and outside of the boat. Although they tarped during the removal of the bottom paint, that fine grit worked it's way everywhere.

First problem: Overheating generator. So, Jonesy went to work diagnosing the problem and I knit. Turned out that the raw water impeller blew up so there was no cooling, we had no spare, thus we boarded the bus for a trip back to Puerto Vallarta. Many hours, blood, sweat, and swearing later, we had a happy generator and could make electricity again.

Hat: Brickwork Hat from my knitting buddy's handspun yarn.
The forecast for the weather and sea conditions was benign so after a couple of days in La Cruz and our problems solved, we hoisted the anchor and headed south around Cabo Corrientes on Nov19th. The one day journey to Ipala Bay and the little town of Tehuamixtle was heavenly! Dolphins cruised alongside us and sea turtles (both green and Olive Ridleys) were out in force. We motorsailed for a few hours, then as the wind came up, we shut off the engine and sailed along quietly at about 4 knots.

We anchored in the tiny cove among the oyster and fish pens, set the stern anchor, and kicked back. The next day we lowered the dinghy and went to shore to have a walkabout. A group of Canadians on a 3-month roadtrip were eating lunch in one of the restaurants facing the bay and called out to us. We joined them for fresh seafood and good conversation.
Soon it was time to leave and on Thanksgiving morning we rose at dawn for the one-day trip south to Chamela Bay. Here's a photo of Jonesy riding out in our dinghy to retrieve the stern anchor.
More later...

What a gorgeous picture of Jonesy! Glad to be on Ravelry with you! Did you see -- Michelle posted the camp apps for online registration the first week of February?
aaahhhhhh! Well, did you feel that you were sailing/motoring faster with your nice smooth bottom? J swears we get 1/2 knot when its newly painted. Beautiful pictures! Great hat! And I like your "model."
Those are beautiful pics :-) That must be amazing having dolphines swimming with you along side you boat :-) You should get some pics :-) I love the sunset in the picture os Jonsey in the dingy, it has beautiful colors, that would make some nice yarn with those colors. :-) Have fun... Hope to hear from you soon :-)
Wow what electric colors in the dinghy picture! That would make a great sweater combo for sailing. Love the hat and the holder!

Hammock indeed! Tha picture relaxes me just looking at it.

Have a good sail - catch you at the next wi-fi area. Off to heat the chili for this cool December day!
Sounds heavenly! I'm so jealous.

Safe smooth sailing to you.
Great pic's.... hammock? you have got the life so enjoy it to the fullest.
Glad to hear all is well and you are off to new adventures. Stay safe
Great to hear from you Terry!! Sierras were dry dry dry, Tioga Pass Rd still open even. We had a great visit.
Love the photo of Jonesy against the sunset, sail and knit on! :)
Love the hammock and the sunset photo. Ah, to be sailing.
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