Monday, November 12, 2007


Manana in Mexico?

So...we're thinking that tomorrow is going to be launch day for us! Here's a photo of Jonesy checking out the barrier coats of paint on the hull. Already, today they have added a couple of coats of anti-fouling bottom paint and installed a new thru-hull for a future water-maker.

You know, I can't say that I've suffered much while having to stay in a hotel for 2 weeks. Today I took a dip in my pool - yes MY pool - after I did some quick surgery on our inflatable dinghy (aka "work"). The pool here at the hotel is empty except on weekends so it's all mine. Jonesy took a photo of me from the balcony of our room - I'm the tiny dot flopped out on a chaise lounge IN the pool on a shallow 8" deep shelf.

There is also a kiddie pool, a separate diving pool, and of course, the obligatory swim-up bar. Along both the big pool and the diving pool are windows where folks can watch the underwater action (or the whales floating by if I happen to be swimming).

But the best part is the tile mosaic work! Check out the turtles in the kiddie pool. Then the masterpiece is the reef
mosiac in the 10-ft deep diving pool. The detail is amazing!! In these photos you are looking through the 10 feet of water!!

On the Knitting front... I've contributed a few more designs to the Holiday Mystery Gifts Yahoo! knitalong group which will be available...manana (tomorrow)!

First up is a "Sweet Sachet" knit from DMC Perle Cotton, and then a Linen Stitch Bookmark, also from DMC Perle Cotton. And last but not least, a pair of super quick and easy Wrist Warmers.

Just once in my life I need to do a swim-up bar...
I love the wrist warmers!! I will be looking for that pattern for some quick xmas gifts for a couple teen age grands. Thanx Terry. Enjoy following your ventures.
My kids were enthralled with "your" pool! They love swimming in the pool, and they have never seen one that big. It must be a blast to have that all to yourself.
I wish I was there. :-) That pool looks nice :-)Hope all goes well with the launch
YEA! for the boat launch!! The bottom looks good!

And poor you. No more swim up bar or your "own" pool. The mosaics are pretty. How neat to do something pretty instead of just a blue pool bottom.

I like your little projects. That sachet is clever.
Bon Voyage! Hope I'll see you up this way (San Carlos) sometime.

Hey, Amiga, wanna play a blogging game? Tag, you're it. Go to if you want in. If you don't, no problem.
Wow, what a fabulous pool! I might have to come to Puerto Vallarta some day just to get a chance to swim in it. You are so lucky to have it all to yourself.

I love your spa cloths and those wrist warmers. I think I might even be able to knit those! (Maybe-- I'm only so-so at knitting.) I am always in awe of your intricate knitting. (those tiny cables in the socks- amazing!) Wish I could find someone to teach me half the stuff you know.

I love reading your blog. Happy sailing once you get your ship back in the water!
Oh my goodness... don't know if I feel bad for you or not..... that pool is fabulous. Use it as much as you can, relax and enjoy yourself you deserve it.
Looks like you should be launching soon. Good Luck.
¡Espero que usted tenga diversión hacia fuera en el mar, buena suerte y que goce de la belleza de la soledad!

en inglés
I hope you have fun out at sea, good luck and enjoy the beauty of solitude!
For those of us looking out the window at the current sleet/rain/snow, thanks for your posts. I enjoy them so much. The pool mosaics are incredible and loved the yarn ball.
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