Sunday, December 16, 2007


Beer Bob's Book Exchange

One of the great things about not only cruisers, but ex-pats (Canadians/Americans) in general in Mexico is the amount of sharing that happens. A great example is "Beer Bob's Book Exchange" in Barra de Navidad.

Now, Bob has been dead now for a couple of years. But, the free book exchange he started is still being operated by other volunteers. It is nothing special - just a garage facing a back alley/dirt road with books stacked on industrial shelving sorted by catagory (romance, biography, westerns, etc.). We have donated/exchanged many books in the last year. Sometimes there are surprises. See the picture to the right...yeah, dusty floor, what else? Are you a knitter? What is screaming at you right now?
YES! It is a knitting book!

I took it back to the boat and lovingly cleaned off the dust. Sure, it's from the 1980's but it is NEW to ME! Fresh material!!! A Snickers bar, iced tea, light breeze, and a little background music were all I needed to have a wonderful afternoon curled up with my latest find.

Speaking of the breeze - sometimes you have to go up on the roof to find the sea breeze in town. That's why you'll find some great little restaurants and/or bars up there, usually with just palapa (thatched with palm fronds) roofs. Sometimes it's hard to find the could be just a little doorway tucked inside another business. This one had a sign and I climbed the spiral staircase to a great bar.

What's in the black bag I'm carrying?? What do you think - knitting!!!

Finished Object and it's about time. I ordered the yarn and pattern for this Lopi wool Nordic sweater many years ago during Grad School (1998). Because I was working full-time++, raising two wonderful boys, and going to school, I wouldn't let myself commit to knitting it until after I graduated (2001). Eventually, it became one of those sad, abandoned projects hidden away in some closet.

After a couple more years and having only finished the body, I joined the Misery Loves Company (MLC) group on Sable Stasher's blog in the hopes of getting 'er done.

Voila! Here she be! Yes, rather unceremoniously laid out on the floor, but she's still a little damp from blocking and it's hard to find a large enough space here on the boat to photograph a full-sized sweater. On to the next UFO (Un Finished Object)...

Isn't it just great to find a knitting book you saw before. Love your sweater.
The book exchange is so cool! There's such a huge world out there we have no idea exists... I love it!
The sweater looks AWESOME!!!! (and you look happy too!)
What a cool thing a book swap place run because it is a good idea and not a burden to anyone!

I find it interesting the items you brought to the boat - UFO's. Interesting..

I am considering making 2008 a do it or loose it year - I have crewel work - ton of cross stitch stuff and some other misc items half finished...

Love the sweater - there are some Northern people who would love that sweater now!
love your sweater - it is just like one I would like. I would have so much fun in the book swap - as for the knitting mag. I have some that vintage in my attic. When ever I pull them out it is like a new find.. They look different to me over the years
The Nordic Sweater is just beautiful - I would love to try to knit one like that. Love the colours.
And the Book Swap - just my sort of place! Makes me think of a similar set-up in Fionnphort in Scotland. Fionnphort is where you get the little ferry to Iona. Not far from the ferry there is a garage full of books - if you find anything you like, you just leave a donation for the Lifeboat Rescue Service.
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