Thursday, December 20, 2007


Market Day in Barra

Wow! We now have 23 boats anchored here in the Barra de Navidad lagoon! So many of our cruising friends from last season have shown up as well as new cruisers. The little town has really come alive this past week with vacationers from Canada.

Today was Thursday which is market day in Barra de Navidad. The arts & craft vendors set up their wares in the town square (zocolo) mainly for the tourists. There is the usual colorful pottery, tropical style clothing, tee-shirts,

necklaces, and acrylic tablecloths. Another area is aimed more for the locals with mundane household items such as clothing, kitchen ware, lots of plastic stuff, toys, shoes, and bootleg DVDs and CDs. It's a lot of fun to browse all the booths as you just never know what you're going to find.

So, I've been knitting a lot (oh really?), but just on mindless stuff - mainly dishcloths for our boat and for our fellow cruising friends. Cruisers are hard to "gift" as they don't want any more "things" on their boats! Space is at a premium! I know how we go through dishcloths/washcloths on our boat so I figure that these will make good gifts for other cruisers. We've begun handing them out at cruiser get-togethers and the response has been very positive! Yes, we DO use them - see? here's Joney's and my washcloths from this morning drying on the life lines.

After shopping at the market, we drifted over to the Sands Hotel for a cruiser jam session in the hotel's newly renovated pool bar area. Several of the folks here play guitar, drums, harmonica or other instruments. What a great afternoon! Oh, I knit - on Socks for Soldiers and chatted until I ran out of words (like that would ever happen).

And speaking of music, a few evenings ago we were on the sailing vessel Angel Fish for a little jam session in the lagoon with Frosty on the guitar, Dennis of sailing vessel Rapture on the drum, and Jonesy on the Pineapple...what? Oh yeah, Jonesy played a percussion instrument - a goofy wooden pineapple shaker noise maker thingy.

I don't think he really got it...

So what? You don't need rhythm to be the world's greatest cruising partner.

I love the bright colors at the market!
Love the clothes on the life lines - how much fun is that - as it is dreary and wet in SW Ohio.

Sounds like you will be among great friends and fun for the Holly Day...

Enjoy - I talk about you all the time when sighing about stuff of life - you living your dream gives me space in my day to day... thanks.
Sounds like you have been having fun :-) The colors of the pottery are beautiful.. I like your dishcloths :-)
Happy sailing New Year to you and Jonesy...

You're in Barra?! One of my favorite anchorages, and I really enjoy their tianguis. Can't find any kind of crafts at the tianguis up here in Sonora. We'll be heading down that way in less than two weeks (hope, hope), aiming for Z-town, and I'll keep an eye out for you.
Happy New Year. Hope this finds you well. Wow the colors at the market are so inspiring. Too funny Josey with the pineapple.
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