Saturday, November 03, 2007


Washing Up

So, here we are staying at the Howard Johnson's in Puerto Vallarta while the trusty Niki Wiki get's her bottom sanded, scraped and puttied and the hotel doesn't provide washcloths! What's a gal to do? Well, if you're a knitter with a large stash of yarn you know exactly what you'd do - go knit!!!

And as long as you're knitting - write up the pattern for all of the nice folks over at the Holiday Mystery Gifts Yahoo! and call it something special like "Simple & Elegant Spa Cloths". Yep, no dishrags here - although that's what they'll probably end being used as back on the boat, but "spa cloths" sound so much more inviting, doesn't it? I've actually finished a 3rd cloth, but won't be posting the photo here as it would ruin the "mystery" for the group. So here are photos of the Basketweave and Gansey Style designs.

For our future transportation pleasure, we bought a used kayak from a retired cruiser! This is going to be so much fun when we (finally) get out cruising next week. Last season, we just had the dinghy, which is fine, but it got a little scary when we had to land it through the surf. I don't mind getting wet as much as I mind getting the engine's prop running anywhere near my fleshy body!! Folks have been killed by their dinghy props this way.

This is a 2-man kayak and we have the paddles and the seats for it - all ready to go. Of course, the best part is that now we really look like cruisers with the kayak lashed to the bow. Well, Jonesy says we do look like cruisers (sailboat trash) if you get up close. But the kayak adds bonus points.

Also note the fine blue hatch cover made from Sunbrella fabric on the bow near the kayak. It was one of my jobs last summer to sew up an assortment of covers for the boat. It was so extremely hot and humid, I whined, and Jonesy got the local canvas guy to whip up some covers! Yeah, I know, the windlass up at the anchor is still exposed metal - I've got some pieces cut out and just have to sew them...I'm working on it...I swear...right after I knit this last row...

The spa cloths look great :-) I have printed them and plan on knitting them up :-)
Wait - they don't give you *washcloths*??

Love the spa cloths though. I may have do to some knitting and gifting...
Your "spa cloths" are pretty. I like the Gansey-style one. Very creative. I also liked the way you photographed them. "Tropical" spa-cloths.

Have fun on the kayak.
Too funny that wash clothes would be eliminated... love the Spa affect... brilliant
You're so great - I love reading your blog - it's so nice of you to share all this stuff with us. As I sit at my computer all day, every now and then I get to travel the seas with you. And as always, your knitting is a huge inspiration!
Terry, I saw the cabled socks - those are outstanding - wow! I am enjoying all the tales of the boat too... you liven up my days...
Very classy spa cloths. Don't use them on the dishes, they're too nice. And don't let Jonesy take them into the engine room! What yarn did you use? I know you'll enjoy the kayak (I love mine!), and you probably will have easier landings in all but the nastiest surf. Hope you've got a dry hatch on the kayak for camera, dinero, etc.
how wonderful and 2 man kayak. you are all set. This should be a lot of fun and easier to get back and forth from the boat to shore and back again. Now getting the boat back in shape and you are off.
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