Friday, September 28, 2007


Cruiser's Cruising Potluck

The Holiday Mystery Gifts knitalong group has begun! Twice a week, on Saturdays and Tuesdays, we will upload another set of knit and crochet projects. Remember these patterns are FREE only during the limited life of the group so sign up now! (this is known in the marketing texbooks as an "exploding offer" because if you don't buy it now, then the offer blows up and goes away).

Anyway, I've decided to post some photos of some of my contributions, but only after the pattern has been posted to the Holiday Mystery Gifts Yahoo! group. Just some teasers - more to come...

How crazy are cruisers about being out on the open water? VERY CRAZY! Seeing as most of us are working on our boats during the time that we are stuck in a marina for the hurricane season, we haven't had the pleasure of going out to sea.

So...a group of us got together and chartered a boat for our weekly potluck supper.
We had a wonderful 2 1/2 hour sunset cruise out in Banderas Bay with beautiful views of Puerto Vallarta and the lush, green mountains. The boat was an older fishing boat that has been recomissioned for charter groups. The food was excellent and plentiful - here's a picture of Jonesy waiting his turn in the salon while other cruisers scoop up the goodies in both the salon and the galley. Of course, I had to pose on the bow for a picture with the old part of Puerto Vallarta in the background.

The cruising company was the best! Good friends, new friends, lots of laughter, chatter, and even some quiet refection during the lovely sunset.

Ah...back at sea...

That looks awesome. Glad to hear you're well. And glad hurricane season is more than half done!
I am envious, as the temps dropped here at home to 47 last nite. I refuse to turn on heat till Nov. 1st. Just a stubborn thing of mine, I will be watching your ventures on warm waters.
Those are some beautiful pictures :-)
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