Friday, August 24, 2007


Venice Beach, California

Now that the remnants of Hurricane Dean have come and gone, we can relax again. We had a solid day of hard rain and much cooler temperatures (in the high 70's), but no big winds. Today, there are blue skies and the temps are back up - but only in the 80's.

Last month, when I was in the states, I flew down to the Los Angeles area to visit my youngest son, Brett. He's living in Venice Beach - just 1/2 block from the beach!! Lucky guy!! This is a view of the boardwalk in Venice. While Brett was at work (ha ha ha) I took long walks along the beach, down the boardwalk, and even rode the bus to Santa Monica.

Next, check out the view from the rooftop of his little apartment building!!! TOO MUCH! This is where he can BBQ with friends, hang out, and just be, like, way cool. Some of his neighbors are movie stars, musicians, film folks - you know, they're in "the industry". Venice is a funky place for sure. Everyday there was something going on. One day they had his street closed to film a TV show - "Shark" I think it's called. Then the next day it was a commercial of some sort.

You can buy all sorts of crap cool stuff like tie-dye shirts, incense, bongs, or get a henna tatto. I couldn't believe the large number of tourists - mostly from Germany and other European countries. I don't know, maybe because I grew up in LA I just don't think of it as a desirable tourist destination.

Venice is also home to the famous "Muscle Beach".Here's where the buff dudes come to work out on the beach and be seen. I took my current sock knitting project (BBS for Soldiers) along for the tour. Here they are working out on some of the equipment; a punching bag, rope climbing, and pull-ups on the bar. Next, I helped them out on the weight lifting circuit. That's me - spotting the mega-pound lift for them.

Next, we (the socks and I) took the bus to Santa Monica - just because we could and it's a short little ride. We stolled through a farmer's market, down to the pier to see the fun park, and out along the top of the cliffs overlooking Pacific Coast Highway - famous Route 1.

But Zoltar couldn't make my socks "BIG" so we went back home to get some serious knitting done.

Then, at the end of a long day playing along the beach, we relaxed until Brett came home from work (ha ha ha). I play all day and my baby boy goes to a job. I LOVE IT!

Here he is - poor guy - all exhausted after a long day at work in his new apartment.

I'm so glad to see you're okay. I've been wondering about you. Life has been crazy busy so I'm just now catching up.
I had been watching hurricane Dean, too, and hoping you guys would not get a big hit from the storm. Glad to hear everything is fine. I loved your pictures of the traveling socks! :-)
Just found your blog. Enjoying the pics.
Whew glad you dodged the storms - my prayer list sounded like I was a meteorologist on the loose - I prayed safety from storms for the sailors - fires to stay away from those in MOntana and I prayed for those that had too much rain in Ohio and Illinois...

love the line - he went to work (ha ha ha) and I stayed home and played - good for you!
I just found your site and love it. The whole concept of leaving temporal things behind and sailing into the sunset. My hubby and I have always dreamt of such a life. Maybe someday you will be reading my blog about our sailing into the sunset. I love that your knitting too, I think I'm obsessed with knitting. It's good to know there is a kindred spirit out there somewhere! Love your site!
Your life is absolutely wonderful--saw your name on Ravelry tonight, and investigated to find your life is lived on a boat! How amazing for you!
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