Friday, December 07, 2007


Early Season in Tenacatitia

While we were anchored in Tenacatita Bay, some of us yachties invaded were invited over to the catamaran SunSations crewed by Captain John, skipper Sharon and crewdog Diesel for a potluck dinner. Great folks!

As darkness fell, we took our full bellies up to the trampoline between the 2 hulls at the front of the boat. There we laid on our backs and stared at stars of the night sky. We counted the satellites we spotted, and the falling stars while we chatted.

But it's not it's not all play. Jonesy took a swim to clean the waterline of our boat (and admire our new bottom paint job up close).

I climbed the ladder and cleaned off the solar panel up on the radar arch at the stern. It was covered with sanding dust from the boatyard and wasn't making power. No sooner did I have it all cleaned off than a large boobie bird dropped in for a visit and sat on the solar panel.. No! Go Away! (Boobies aren't potty trained)

And I created and knit a few more designs for the Holiday Mystery Gifts Yahoo! group. First there's the new 5-Point Holiday Ornament which is along the same idea flow as the previous ornaments (tam crown whorls), but has only 5 points/sides.

A little different is the Heirloom Cabled Ornament which is knit flat. The shape is achieved by short-rows and I stuffed it with unspun wool rovings for a totally sheepy outcome.

Finally, we have have the 3-D Fair Isle Holiday Ornament. The 3-Dimensional ornaments are made simply by stuffing the ornament before finishing the 3-needle bindoff. So simple! Then I stretched out the shape by from center point to center point and added a tassel. Shown below is how this ornament would look if I just left it flat, or used some different colors.

But wait! That's not all! I also knit up a fleece lined Thrummed Hat. Check out the inside of the hat - all those little tufts of unspun wool are added one at a time. Although this is an easy hat to knit, it sure takes a lot of time. Plus, when the breeze comes up in the afternoons, the unspun roving wants to fly off the boat into the lagoon!

oh, to be sailing! What pretty ornaments. Love the hat.
Hey Terry-- send me an address and I'll ship you some of my leftover Malabrigo-- it feels seriously fabulous. (Addy on blog)
Looks like you have been busy :-)
Looks wonderful. :)

But - where does the crew dog go to the bathroom?
Happy 13 months and one week. Sounds like the sailing life agrees with you 100%. Good thing the rovings are natural and can decompose in the water!
I love Vicariously sailing with you. Your ornaments are great. I may have to Google/Raverly up some patterns.
What a wonderful blog! What a wonderful life! I love the photos and your knitting projects. Being a West Coast girl who is now landlocked I am so enjoying seeing the beautiful seas via your site. Thanks so much!
~ Robyn
WeeBit Wonky
I enjoy reading your blog. Your ornaments are beautiful! All you knitting is, in fact. I love fair isle and EZ&Meg.
Take care of you and yours.
Pretty funny you invaded that catamaran... We know the feeling! Have a swim and a fish roll for us - Tenacatita was one of our favorite places! Enjoy :)
Heather & Jim
Please, please publish your ornament pattern! It is very nice. I love working on dpns and would like to make some of these types of ornaments. I hope you consider publishing it. I would pay for the pattern!
Have a great day. By the way, your site is so fun to read. I visit it regularly. Love the popcorn bikini top too!
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