Friday, August 17, 2007


Dew Dabbers

Horses SWEAT
Ladies DEW

That's what my southern-bred (Savannah, Georgia) grandmother used to say. We, my sisters and I, were not allowed to sweat, we "dewed". So, to honor my late grammy, I now introduce handknit....

You have to realize that it is HOT and HUMID down here in tropical Mexico and when we are hiking around town, riding the bus, whatever, I sweat like a pig, dew, as in rivulets running down my face and neck and cleavage. Not a pretty sight, or very comfortable for that matter. I followed the lead of some of the locals and started carrying a small towel around with me to wipe the sweat off my brow dab gently at my dew, but the towels were too big and I kept losing them and Jonesy was embarrassed by towels tied to my purse strap or sticking out of my shorts pocket. So inspiration struck - why don't I just KNIT a SMALL pretty cotton square? Voila! The Dew Dabber was born.

Just knit up a little something out of soft, absorbent cotton yarn, being sure to make a hole somewhere in it for a carabiner, clip, or strap. Clip and Go! I love these things!!!

Yes, we did. We joined the Puerto Vallarta Yacht Club. Here's a pic of Jonesy standing by a statue in front of the clubhouse. That's it - that's all there is...just one room and a patio, with some small offices downstairs.

We have to make sure that we are dressed appropriately to go have drinks or food at the club; we always check our clothes for obvious dirtiness like motor oil spills, dried & crushed barnacles from the raw water systems, larger blobs of old food on our shirts, and rips or tears that would expose body parts that would scare somebody. No silly nautical hats or blue blazers required.

Inside, it is usually air-conditioned and, at this time of year, quiet. On Wednesday nights the club has a movie and popcorn, and we will usually eat dinner there that night. There's a book & magazine exchange, computers to use, full bar, and there's no smoking allowed inside the building!! Yipeeeeeee!!!

Outside is the patio which faces the marina and Nuevo Vallarta estuary. During the winter, this is a pleasant place to hang out, but right now, it's just too dang humid.

The pool and showering facilities which are attached to the building can be used by anybody who lives in the Paradise Village Marina. So now you know where we get outselves cleaned up. It's a real luxury for us cruisers to have running hot & cold water! And believe me, these facilities are a whole lot nicer than the scary showers you pay a few pesos to use in the small towns we've visited.

You know! My mother reported a similar expression from her mother. But my grandmother grew up on the Canadian prairies. She said "Horses sweat, men perspire, ladies GLOW."

I found your blog through Socks for Soldiers and often enjoy coming round to read the latest sailing/knitting adventures.
What a great idea dew dabbers. I'm like you. I like what knitika said we glow. For the life of me I do not remember how I found you but we have someone in common in addition to knitting. Love your summer vacation.
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