Tuesday, August 21, 2007



I'm knitting mittens. Yeah, I know, we don't need them where we live, but they are very interesting to knit.

This one is NHM #7 from Terri Shea's new book Selbuvotter and is my favorite. Of course, this first photo is of the wrong side (inside) of the mitten as this is how I knit it. In order to keep the stranding of the yarn color that is not being knitted loose enough, I knit the mitten inside out.

Now, I'll turn it right (public) side out for the next photos -
back of hand and palm. See the little hole for the thumb? I'll knit that last. And speaking of inside out...when Sandi and I were traveling to Meg Swansen's Knitting Camp this summer, we saw a
gal wearing a sweater that was obviously stranded colorwork (fair isle-ish) with the "wrong" side on the outside. I asked the (obviously knitting ignorant) girl if I could check out her sweater. Yup, that's how it was - commercially - made. Very strange. Now, she probably tells all her friends the story about the crazy old knitting ladies who examined her garment in the airport. Well, at least we gave her something to talk about.

Also on the needles (and actually being worked on) is another pair of men's leisure socks for the Socks for Soldiers group. The yarn is Opal - both yarns, the red/white/blue is a section from a colorway that also has black in it. I just wanted to decorate the top of these socks. The Big Black Socks are almost done - only 1 more inch of foot and then I decrease the toes for pair #3 to be done.

Hurricane Dean is running out of gas. Yippeeee! We're still staying put on the boat until it's clear that we're out of danger. Even this morning there was a forecast of 40mph winds and lots of rain in a short period.

So glad to hear it was downgraded to a class 1 storm by time it got inland.
Terry, the Selbuvotter book is one of the chosen few to get to travel with me into a tiny (short term) rental in 2 weeks! Your mitten looks great and I am so glad for you about the mellowing out of Dean. (Also the A/C in the "Yacht Club". Having spent 3 years in a madly tropical place myself, I know what a difference that makes)
Keeping fingers crossed that Dean brings you only gentle rain to cool things off. I also bit on the Selbuvotter book and yes, I live where we can wear mittens - grin
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