Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Knitting Camp in the News!

Meg Swansen's Knitting Camp was on the front page of the local newspaper! And if you look really closely, that's MY BALL of gray yarn in the tiny picture. I demonstrated my 'Needle Weaving' technique (kitchner stitching without a yarn darning needle) to the campers, and that's a picture of my demo tools. How cool is that? OK, so Marshfield is a small town.

So what else happened at camp? Well, The NEW LACE DVD from Meg was released while we were at Retreat 2.75, that's what. We had a surprise celebration for Meg, Amy Detjen, and Marilyn Van Keppel complete with cake and a tray loaded up with the new CDs. This was the first that any of the authors had seen the finished product.

From this photo you can also see the setup for the room - the video camera and the monitors. No matter where you sit, you can see what the demonstrator is doing with her hands on one of the many televisions.

That's it for my camp pictures. What? Why? Because other campers took lots of pictures and are kindly sharing them with us. So have fun with these links:

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LAMBTOWN USA Back in the USA, Sandi, Beth and I made our annual pilgrimage to this funky little fiber festival in Dixon, CA.

Here we saw sheep being sheered, fleeces of alpaca and sheep being judged, and toured the many vendor booths. This cute little fella is a "Suri Alpaca" and was exceptionally soft. This year the fair was held outdoors in a city park which was nice and shady. There were fewer vendors but it was a lot more comfortable. We ran into a lot of our knitterly friends wandering the festival.

Of course, my Socks for Soldiers were on the needles and I was able to add a couple of inches to the leg of a sock as I wandered the fair, and on the hour drive each way. These are my favorite carry-along project.
Don't ya love the natural colors of these fluffy wool-muffins (sheep)? I see them as yarn on the hoof.

Janine (the feral knitter) and Maggie (MaggieB Knits) and Deb (deblog) also have posts about camp. Haven't gotten my cd yet from Al... Glad you got back safe and maybe have started 'our' STR... hee hee.
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