Sunday, August 19, 2007


Hurricane Dean

We're watching the massive Hurricane Dean out in the Caribbean. Why? We're way over on the other side, the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Well, because this storm is so large, that the current forecast is for the possibility that we will get 35mph winds from it. True, we've seen that before, but not while we were tied to a dock.

I never knew that I'd have to watch/worry about Atlantic storms too!!! Jonesy just went out to re-secure our lines and added pieces of plastic tubing as sleeves over the points where the lines rub against anything to prevent chafing. We're leaving the roller-furled jib, and dodger screens up for now until we see what's coming. The mainsail is already down and secure in the forward berth as we had it repaired earlier this summer and didn't put it back up for just this reason.

Just waiting and watching...if anything comes it won't be until Friday morning , August 24th.

Oh wow - I hadn't even thought about that. Please keep us posted, and I'll be thinking about you guys.
Sending good thoughts your way!
I looked at some weather related sites and that is one very big storm. Here's hoping it runs out of steam (and wind) by the time it finds you. I'll be watching your blog (and the weather related sites).
Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys.
Be safe. Will be watching for updates.
The radio went off at 6:00 am with news of Dean and Cancun - hope that you have a tight grip on things.
Good luck with the storm. Are you doing this year's Baja HaHa?? If so hope to catch up with you there.
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