Monday, June 18, 2007


We're on CNN Online!

CNN Online has picked up our story about how we've retired to live and travel on a sailboat as part of their "Life After Work" Special Report. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to Your Stories and then click on "Gallery: New Adventures" to find us. Pretty cool, huh?

I got this carrot at the open-air market in the little town of Jarrertaderas. See, in Mexico this isn't considered lower quality - I mean, you're just going to chop it up anyway so who cares if it's deformed? You would never find this carrot in the markets of the United States. I kinda thought it looked like me from the waist down when I have to pee and can't find a bathroom! Whatever, it was certainly tasty!

And, speaking of food, check out the little rock that I found in the dried beans yesterday. Looked like a bean - but would have certainly been a tooth-chipping experience had I not sorted through the beans and found it. Again, the beans (after soaking all day and then 25 minutes in the pressure cooker) were tasty last night on the fresh corn tortillas.

Hmmm...this is a caution sign here in the Paradise Village complex - "Caution Loose/Free Animals". Huh? I hope they are not talking about the 400 lb. Bengal Tiger or the full-grown Puma in the little zoo here! Loose? Crap - do they ever really get loose?

And speaking of dangers - check out these coconuts high up in the palm tree. There are literally hundreds of these coconut palms loaded with these "bombs" on the grounds here. If one of those babies decides to fall on your head, you're in a serious world of hurt. In Hawaii, they constantly trim off the coconuts in the trees on public land to avoid an accident - and lawsuit. Not Mexico, if you're dumb enough to sit under a fully-loaded coconut palm that's your problem.

No worries about these bananas that are part of the landscaping. They hang from shorter trees and have to be cut down anyway.

I quite literally bought this little wood folding stool right off of a young guy's back! I was admiring it - and he offered to sell it to me. Sold!!! We scrambled to exchange pesos for stool at the bus stop and I was quickly on my way with my new purchase. He was on his way with his $100 pesos (about $9.75US), but without his stool - I guess he had to stand the rest of the day. There are many high cupboards here on the Niki Wiki and I need a little boost now and then.

Knitting? Same stuff, different day.

How cool to be on cnn online! Looks great! See you in a couple weeks at 2.75!
That is so cool to be on CNN online! Also loved the carrot - too funny. Watch out for the ostriches in Paradise Village... they chased us down once and we had to run behind a fence & hide. Pretty scary considering they are about 10 feet tall! Have fun :) ! Jim & Heather
Oh I love your pictures of the Flowers .. hubby bought two .. red and a pink and after he brought them home and was sooo excited he found out they were Annuls lol haa haa Grrrrr because they are so pretty!!!!!!!! Sl we are looking for Preannales lol. If you get a chance email me so i can save your email this time lol * blushing* can't find your email address silly me!
I could not for the life of me sign in sorry lol
Wow, and to think it took moving to a sailboat for you two to become CNN newsworthy! I think they should do a feature story about ya'll! As always I'm loving the scenic pictures :-) Have an awesome summer and enjoy your time at camp (I'm totally jealous, as usual ;-)
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