Sunday, June 24, 2007


Summer of Socks 2007 - 1st Pair Done

Got Socks! I knit this little pair of "Lace Anklets" in the last 2 days as part of my "Summer of Socks 2007" participation. These are purple, stretchy cotton shorties for my sister Dana. The pattern is in the newest Cast On magazine (May-July 2007), but I made them a little bigger (used larger needles) so that she can machine wash and dry them. Hopefully the Cascade Fixation yarn won't shrink too much!

So while I was very, very busy knitting up these puppies, Jonesy was worked on the sump pump in the front of the boat, removed the non-functioning ice maker, and fixed a couple of leaking lines in the back of the boat. Well, at least he can do his work lying down!

Knitting on and on....

Summer of Socks sounds like a ton of fun. I wouldn't try to win the 'most socks' prize. The people in my family most likely to wear socks have size 13+ feet (men's).
I enjoy reading your blog. One of my cousins has been living the Paradise Village/cruising lifestyle for a few years. She is also a knitter, from time to time.
I think the colour is wonderful, and the pattern even if not for me!
I LOVE THAT SOCK!!! I have been looking for ankel sock patterns on the net.
Hi! I just discovered your blog through Summer of Socks. I'm a sailor/knitter too, although we haven't taken the plunge like you. I've bloglined you and look forward to keeping up with your adventures, both sailing and knitting.
I really like that sock, looks like something I'd like to knit too.
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