Saturday, May 05, 2007


He Got a Job!!

Another One Rides the Bus
Yep, our new college grad kid got himself a job with the FAA in Los Angeles! Whoo hoooo! Sure, we tried to talk him into a longer stay on the Niki Wiki cruising with us, but what 23-year old wants to hang with the parental units anyway? Even on a sailboat on the Mexican goldcoast, that just isn't happening. Anyway, we're very proud of Brett. help him relocate to Southern California - where the rents are sky-high we sent him a small check (loan). Not so easy to do when you're in a remote town in Mexico. It meant we had to figure out how to catch a long-distance bus to Manzanillo/Santiago to get to an express courier service (nobody trusts the Mexican postal system). Take a look at the photo of Jonesy on the deluxe - First Class bus we rode through the back country. Not bad, huh? So much nicer than the rickety old local buses with the hard plastic seats and holes in the floor. And the best part was that the 45 minute ride cost us only $70 pesos (about $6.75 US) each ROUNDTRIP!

MLC - Misery Loves Company, update:
I've started the first sleeve for my Lopi fairisle coat which I already have the body done. This project has fermented (mellowed? aged?) in my stash partially completed for almost 10 years. But I have made the self-committment to have it finished before we get to Puerto Vallarta at the end of this month. It's strictly a boat project - not a travel project as it is worsted weight wool. My little travel bag has leftover sock yarn in it for knitting up baby socks as we sit in the sidewalk cafes here.
Oh! I just purchased a download of a wonderful new little Glove knitting booklet which I highly recommend. Sure, I have lots of glove patterns and instructions in my knitting library, but what I found unique in this booklet - and the whole reason I ordered it - was that it shows pictures of poorly fitting gloves and describes the problem and how to prevent it. The author,Nanette Blanchard has several other knitting booklets available here: Lulu - Nanette Blanchard I have a GIANT bag of KnitPicks Palette yarn leftover from a fair isle class I taught so I'm excited to get going on some fair isle gloves. Yeah, I know, I don't need them here in the tropics, but I DO have friends and family in some cold places.

I'll leave you with a great carved wood door we found here in Barra de Navidad and a close up of some aquatic plants we saw when we hiked along the lagoon between Melaque and Barra de Navidad last week.

Wow! Your work is exquisite!
I am SO glad you left a comment on my blog so we could meet!
DH and I will be following along your adventures! DH loves anything to do with sailing and boats.
ok ok where are you? It has been too long in between messages. wishing you well.
Hi Terry:
I am reading your blog....the one where your sons got a job. 1965 I went to Guadalajara to go to school for 6 weeks . Lived with A Mexican family with 3 other American girls. we were girls then!
One weekend we took a bus from Guad. to Melaque. It is a weekend I will never ever forget. 6 hours on a bus through the mountains. What I thought was fog was clouds. Arrived in the dark and boy it was dark. Finally we found the hotel - one of only 2 there.
I could go on and on about that wonderful weekend. Even though I got sick as a dog....who cares it was a beautiful place. Almost untouched. Wonder what it's like now.
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