Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Oh So Close...

All the regular knitting is done, the steeks have been crocheted and cut and I've picked up an armhole and 1/2 of the front edge of the Grass Creek Park Vest. But that's all I can do as I've now run out of a different color of yarn. Luckily, it is NOT one of the newly discontinued colors by J&S so I'll be putting in my order from Schoolhouse Press - and of course add a few more balls of yarn as long as I'm paying for shipping! I'm really pleased with the finished edges of the steeks (1st detail photo from right side of fabric) and how it tucks itself inside after I've picked up the ribbing stitches (2nd detail photo from wrong side of vest).

So now I have to wait until July to finish this baby up - that's when I'll be back in the states and can pick up the yarn. Gotta get this done before knitting camp and I'll have 10 days to do it - no problem!

Here's a pic of what you get when you buy a drink from a street vendor here in Mexico - "Bag-o-Beverage". Even the little kids have mastered walking and drinking from baggies.

We went over to Melaque to walk along the beach yesterday with a couple of new cruising friends - Dave & Jan from Baraka out of Seattle, WA. The most interesting thing we saw was a new cobblestone road being built. No asphalt - just labor intensive cobblestones. We don't know why, but there is always a long, straight line of cobblestones running done the length of the roads. Go figure.

So, we're just hanging out, loafing, reading, and knitting. Well, that's me - Jonesy spent 3 hours scraping barnacles off of the dinghy again. Nasty job! I did the dishes. I felt guilty because it wasn't exactly an equal distribution of chores so I whipped up a chicken & spaghetti dinner for him too! I know the way to a man's heart...
Well, I'll leave you with photos of a wonderful handpainted mural we found at the Sunset Bar &

Restaurant here in Barra de Navidad painted by Laurel Wallis.

Your Grass Creek Park Vest is beautiful. I guess I better get knitting on mine!
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