Monday, May 21, 2007


Like I Need a Sign...

Sign on the beach at Barra de Navidad, Mexico:

Okay...I understand the part about it being prohibited to toss trash, and to throw or toss fish waste, but to defecate? I mean, am I really going to poop on this public beach? As you can see from the picture of Jonesy above, this is the scenic walkway at the end of the sandspit (barra).

Well, the bathrooms do cost 3 pesos (about 28cents) to use so maybe this sign is necessary. But what about urinating? Is that okay? This is Mexico afterall.

I've taken a break from "serious" knitting to whip up a few community service projects for my Sacramento knitting guild. Seeing as I'm taking a trip to the states this summer, I thought it would be a good opportunity to deliver some goodies - and have fun creating designs as I knit. So, here's a batch of chemo caps I knit last week.

Jonesy's favorites are the hats with the large cable against the garter stitch background. This was a design challenge for me. Because the row gauge between the garter areas and the cable are so different, I had to add short rows. Then, I had to figure out how to hide the wrap in garter stitch - especially on the lefthand side of the cable. This involves twisting both the wrap and the wrapped stitch. But it's all worth it as the cable stands out like a rope.

The yarns are from Germany that my S-dad brought back for me last year. They are cakes of yarn that were made from many different small yarns plied together. Very interesting, tweedy combinations.

Back in Tenacatita, I tried out a West Marine brand inflatable kayak. Many cruisers use kayaks to get to shore rather than the more cumbersome dinghys. This baby was super easy to maneuver and lightweight enough that I could get one of these on and off Niki Wiki by myself!

It's still the dry season down here in Mexico - no rain since we've been here in October. The natural landscape is tinder-dry, gray, and dull. But there are some plants blooming in the residential areas so I got this photo of this great bloom.

After 7 months of "on the hook" living at anchorages, in 2 weeks we are going the last hour of cruising over to Paradise Village Marina in Nuevo Vallarta for the summer. Fresh running water, electricity, still water, 3 swimming pools, no wet dinghy rides, reliable internet...ah...yes, but we'll miss the sunsets, the quiet, and the ocean breezes.
Knitting on... and on.....

The flower appears to be a variety of 'bird of paradise', often used in landscaping in Phoenix and Tucson, at least!
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