Friday, June 08, 2007


End of the Line

So what happens if you jump on a Mexican bus and ride it until they make you get off? Yep, you get to the End of the Line - in the middle of nowhere. Just resting busses and a little shack for the bus drivers sits in this open area.

We were done with our errands in Puerto Vallarta (stopping by to pick up the mail - which we still haven't received), our tummies were full with tacos, and we had nothing to do. So, we decided to ride a bus to Pitillal - nope, we didn't know where that was. It was just the next bus that came along. Turns out that Pitillal is a rather large town on the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta towards the mountains with absolutely no tourists present. Okay, back to my regularly scheduled knitting...

I enjoyed browsing through your blog. One of my cousins and her husband have been living your life style for the past few years but now after this season have decided to sell their boat. She is also a knitter.
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