Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Lap of Luxury

Here we are...in the lap of luxury, hanging out in the private pool on the balcony of Jonesy's sister, Gayle's room at Hotel Villa Del Sol. Her room is up on the 2nd floor of the little hotel with a beautiful view of Zihuatanejo Bay. Check out the design on her bed pillow which is made with fresh flower petals! What an absolutely stunning hotel! We spent a couple of hours on the balcony sipping marguaritas & beers. Then we mosied down to the beach and had some more beverages while sitting in chaise lounges shaded by thatched umbrellas. Ahh..the life! I could get used to this! What a contrast to the frugal life that we've been living as full-time cruisers.

Gayle is our 1st visitor since we left the states and we had been really excited about her coming down here to play with us for a few days. Now that she's here we are having a blast! We had a great time taking her to the central market to see the dead chickens (future tacos) today and she's been treating us to meals and marguaritas. And, yes, she brought down my yarn to me - whooo hoooo! I worked on the "Grass Creek Park Vest" today and it was such a joy to have that project back in my hands again. The nice folks at Schoolhouse Press hustled out the Jamieson & Smith jumper weight wool, and even included a nice little handwritten note to me.

Of course I always have several other knitting projects going at the same time. Here's a Lille Rund Serviet doily (free pattern) that I knit in #10 mercerized cotton and size 2 needles. It measures 9" in diameter. I knit it for a fellow cruiser. Okay, I also knit it because I wanted to, desperately needed to knit up something a little more challenging. It was so rumpled before I blocked it out as the picture above shows.

The 3rd pair of leisure socks for the Socks for Soldiers group is coming along quickly too. I hope the recipient doesn't notice the slight irregularity of the toe...just a little "marguarita on the rocks" wobble. Oops. Oh, and here's a pic of the 28 sets of red/white/blue stitch markers for sock knitting that I made for the group. I've finished tying the sets of 4 markers together with ribbon and have them packaged up ready to have Gayle take them back to the states to ship to SFS headquarters.

Hi Terry!!! Loved your latest - that pool looks amazing and what a display with those flower pedals. We are still in La Cruz - less than a month until our departure for Hawaii. I found that bead shop you were telling me about in PV so I'll be able to do that bead log. Take Care, glad y'all hare having fun...Melissa of s/v Pacifica
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