Saturday, March 17, 2007



Yeah, you heard me, BIMBO!

Here's another example of a product name that catches my eye. Bimbo is a giant bread, cookie, snackfood manufacturer here in Mexico. I always think of the wife on the old TV series "Married, with Children" when I see this brand. Well, at least their bread is good...whole grain..and never molds. that a good thing?

So, how many pelicans can roost on a derelict boat at the same time? We avoid going close enough to count as the stench is overwhelming so I took this photo from our dinghy speeding along! There are a couple of boats here in the Zihuatanejo Bay that host pelicans. A couple of boats have put up scarecrows (scarepelicans?). We're having enough problems with the Booby & Friggin' Frigate Birds on our boat. We've tried aluminum foil strips, plastic grocery bags, and the loop side of velcro sticky tape. Nothing stops these critters. So Jonesy has to wash the deck every morning.

Looks like Spring is, well, springing into full gear. Sure, we're in the tropics, but most of the natural flora is deciduous and is brown and dry this time of year. But, these two trees are in full bloom with giant pink, and then orange blossoms. We saw these trees along our long walk yesterday to find an auto parts store (for oil filters for the boat generator, we don't own a car).

Knitting Content not much. Been making little red/white/blue stitch markers for the Socks For Soldiers Yahoo! knitting group. Seeing as I don't have the black sock yarn yet to knit any of the Big Black Socks, I can contribute by making stitch markers for the group. Still working on the Faroese Shawl...started another pair of leisure socks for SFS. That's it. Just running around town picking up produce & other groceries each day, then back to the boat for a little knitting time.

I've seen Bimbo snacks in the US. I'm pretty sure it was upstate NY. It gave me a good chuckle when I saw it.
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