Tuesday, March 13, 2007



Paradise Found! We are now anchored at our most southern destination for this winter season, Zihuatanejo, or "Zee-watt" as it is commonly known. This location is marvelous; clean, tropical, friendly, and cheaper than the larger tourist towns. We kinda wish we would have gotten down here earlier - oh well, next year for sure.

First order of business is always to find the market and some good fast food. The central market here is the usual wild place - full of hustle & bustle, dead animals (also known as "meat"), produce, and every imaginable other item. Nope, we won't be having any of these chickens for dinner tonight! Actually, everything was extremely FRESH!

For casual dining, we discovered "Pancho's Place" which is run by the nicest guy on the planet - Gaby (Gabriel). We've had the special of the day twice now (30 pesos or about $3 bucks) and it has been delicious! First, we had chicken with green chili sauce, then yesterday we had lean slices of tender pork in a red chili sauce with vegetables. Plus, there is always rice, beans and fresh hot corn tortillas. I'm like so not preparing lunch on the boat any more! Gaby speaks beautiful english and we have enjoyed our eloquent discussions about art (Rembrant!) and local customs.

A standard procedure here in Zihuatanejo is that the Navy boards every yacht. So, we got our turn the other day. I snuck in a couple of photos of the crew taken thru one of the salon windows. Check out the automatic rifle next to the legs! Actually, they were very polite and it was a pleasant paperwork/documentation event. Of course, we were asked if we had firearms, drugs, or marijuana on board. No Way!

And speaking of firearms, check out this photo of the armed guard who rides shotgun in the local Coca-cola delivery truck. They have to do this because most of the small businesses deal only in cash, and there are banditos in this part of Mexico. The insurance companies are more likely to reimburse a company after a robbery if the delivery folks took the precaution of having a guard. Very labor intensive though!

Whoo hooo - there's a new online-email knitting resource from Interweave Knits which will be available this Spring!! You can sign-up at Knitting Daily where you can also download the free Caspian Sea Socks pattern by Pricilla Gibson-Roberts. These socks are knit with Dale of Norway Tiur mohair & wool blend - aren't they BEAUTIFUL?

I've been noodling around with a lace shawl design that has been fermenting in my head. Sure is a lot of sketching, graphing, and swatching swatching swatching. But it is a lot of fun too, and little swatches aren't too hot in the lap for this heat and humidity here.

Well, gotta get busy with boat chores. The clean & folded laundry was just delivered out to us here on the boat along with cases of beer, Coke light, and bottled water. There's an enterprising local couple (Ishmael & Hilda) who will bring out to your yacht whatever you want (within reason of course) in their open-air fishing boat (panga). Wait....I hear Jonesy in the aft stateroom opening and closing dresser drawers...he's putting away the laundry!! Guilt surfacing, must go help....

Nice to see you again. Are you sure you didn't eat the chicken when you were at Gaby's place. Oh wait, just not THAT chicken...

Wish I had a POBox to mail you a sock package. Maybe upon your return.
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