Wednesday, March 14, 2007



These paper napkins really caught my eye today at the market. Can you guess why? Well, if you're a knitter then you'll understand. For you non-knitters (poor, unfulfilled heathens) then I'll have to explain: LYS is the acronym for Local Yarn Shop. This is the closest I've been to a LYS in months!

Jonesy stayed on the boat today to change the engine oil & filter, generator oil & filter, clean the raw water inlet screen for the generator, repair a broken engine dipstick, and top off the house battery water levels. I went shopping with fellow cruiser, Deborah from the sailing vessel Cyclades. Provisioning & entertainment - those are my jobs.

Too funny!
Missed you last night at the Bonita Knitting Meet Up. Jacque asked about you and we steered her to your blog to catch up on the latest. I've been checking in faithfully to be sure you get to each port faithfully. Thought of you when the family met at the South Bay Bar and Grill at the Chula Vista Marina for Bob's birthday brunch last month.

I DID buy a bit of yarn yesterday!
That's get to each port SAFELY. I need more coffee.
Hello from SV Tropical Dance. gulfstar Sailmaster 50 hull # 3.

Check out our site

We leave this November on the BaHaHa. Perhaps we'll see you south next year or the year after. It looks like neither of us have any long term plans
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