Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Harry Wearing his new vest

Here's Harry wearing his new "Harry's Golf Vest" in his usual pose of giving his dog, K2, a doggie cookie.

He wore it all day around the house, and then out to dinner at the Elephant Bar restaurant. Isn't it great having such a cooperative live model to strut your knitting around town?

The golf season starts in a few weeks down in the southern California desert area (Palm Desert, Palm Springs, etc.) Hope this vest keeps you warm on your winter golf outings Harry!!

Notes: Knit Picks "Main Line" Pima cotton & merino wool with abalone shell buttons.

Love the waistcoat(vest). Even more impressed though by your life changing plans. Have a wonderfully inspiring time. I am sure you will.
Harry looks great!!!
the vest turned out beautiful. Lovely that you got to spend time with your dad too.
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