Thursday, August 03, 2006


Yarn Arrived!

Whoo Hooo! The Yarn pack arrived today from Mabel Corlett at the Wool Room in Canada for the Grass Creek Park Vest fair isle/intarsia design. Beautiful stuff, yes? It is jumper weight Jamison & Smith and Jamieson's in such soft colors. I can't wait to cast on!

Well - we've finally done it - we left the slip. We are no longer a "dock queen". Yeah, I know it has been a long time coming - there was just so much to do first!
We hired a professional captain to train us on how to maneuver this big hunk out/in the slip as it is really a tight fit.

So, to prove it to you, here's a picture of our empty slip:

And a picture of Jones and me on the boat.

And Huey, the professional Captain.

We're leaving for Catalina Island next Tuesday to stay about a week. We have a Baja Ha-Ha meeting/party there on Saturday. Sailing & Knitting on....

I'll be making the same vest. I ordered it from Mabel after I got back from Camp.

Enjoy your week on Catalina.

It was nice to meet you at Camp. I just loved your Hooter Heaters!
Have a great sail. and loads of fun at what I only assume is the equivalent of a regatta party in terms of sun and fun and a certain amount of horsing around.
WooHoo! No excuses for me now! I better get winding my wool for the Grass Creek Park Sweater. We have a bargain to keep! As Holmes would say 'The game is afoot'.
Okay Terry. Mine's on the needles.
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