Sunday, January 29, 2012


Roatan - end of the working day

We've been really busy (not), working hard (not) and contributing to the advancement of mankind (not).

But we DO have our old job back. We are again officially the Host Vessel here in the Roatan Marine Park Mooring field at the West End of the island. Our job is to ensure that arriving boats maneuver safely through the channel in the reef, get attached to a mooring, and are given information about protecting the reef and paying for the right to stay here. Thankfully we are not responsible for the social entertainment or moral values of said cruising vessels.

These photos were taken by friends on s.v. Pavo Real  which is moored near us. Obviously, the sunsets have been beautiful. You can also see in the photos how we lift our dinghy with the halyard each evening to hang on the starboard side of our boat up out of the water. We do this for 2 reasons, first to prevent theft of the dinghy and engine (it is locked at all times) and secondly to prevent a buildup of barnacles and slime on the bottom of the dinghy.

Much as we love to watch the sun set, it does mean that we have to put on our LED headlamps to be able to continue knitting (me) and reading (Jonesy). Anybody feel sorry for us?

What beautiful sunsets. I'm glad you're having a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
Sorry, no sympathy here! Gorgeous pictures, though.
54 days till we can take some photos of our own!!! SOOOOO excited!!!
ahhhh!! so sad. WOW are those sunset's beautiful. Just enjoy, relax and try not to work so hard tomorrow. Miss you.
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