Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Pop Top Chain Mail

MEXICO Travel 193Have you seen some of the crafty things that folks are making from soda and beer can pop tops? Some of the local gals here crochet these together to make purses, belts, bracelets, etc.

But I thought that this chain mail of pop tops that we saw in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Mexico was, well, hummm, something else.
MEXICO Pop Top Chain Mail
Tag hidden to protect Mr. Crafty

I don't know...I just can't see either one of my sons spending hours pulling the tops off of their beer soda cans, then crafting them together to decorate their rides. Plus, what exactly is the purpose, if any, for this loopy chain? Too weak for a cow or dog catcher, and too high to drag on the pavement and make noises. And what's up with the antenna mounted on top of the license plate? Doesn't that get in the field of vision for the driver? Maybe I'm just too old to get it. Maybe it really is deck.


A finished circular lacy baby blanket for Ella Grace who will be arriving soon. This new pattern is with the eagle-eyed test knitters right now.

How funny... decorate their cars with the flip tops!!! I collect them, but they are turned into Ronald Mcdonald House... they collect and turn them in. I have been told that this projects pays for their years electric bill. Can you believe that! I am glad I can help.
Love LOVE LOVE the circular baby blanket.... wow!! I may have a new baby coming in 2013, better start the blanket NOW. thanks.
My little friend Nathaniel asked me last Sunday to please save all of my pop tops because he's making a coat of mail out of them, which he hopes to enter in the county fair!
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