Friday, January 06, 2012


Binnacle Bra Installed!

Remember the Binnacle Bra that I knit for the sailing vessel Interlude a couple of months ago? Well, the gals have now installed it on their boat and sent me the photo!

And you know what? I used the leftover yarn for their Wine Glass Slip-on Coasters that were delivered as Christmas gifts to them by the sailing vessel Jumbie for me. Now these gals can be all matchy-matchy as they sip their wine flavor of the evening in their cockpit while watching the sunset.

The pattern for the Coasters is free only during the month of January 2012 on the Holiday Mystery Gifts Yahoo Group so if you want it - go get it! After that it will be for sale on Ravelry.

To relax my brain and just for kicks, I knit a little cat toy for our marina cat mascot Estrella ("star" in Spanish). I used up some of the hand-spun wool singles that I had bought many years ago for pennies from some spinning guild members. The wool is natural colors and too scratchy for much else. But holding two strands together, I created this dead "critter" on a string stuffed with unspun wool rovings for Estrella. Ugly? Yep. Does she like it? Oh yeah. Estrella lives on the sailing vessel Barnacle where she is (over) fed and leading a much better life now than before when she was producing kittens (now fixed) and scrounging for food in the village. Someday I'll get a photo of her but it's tough as she only comes out at night.

Nice cover and nice coasters. That's definitely a dead looking critter.
I was wondering what happened to the Binnacle Bra -- if it got finished, who it was for, is it being used etc........ and there it is finished on a friends boat. Good Job!! You might even say it was a Yarn Bombing!!!!!
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