Friday, January 13, 2012


Knitting and We're Outta Here

Ella socks *Knit, write, rip, erase, write, knit, repeat from * until you get it right. That's how my week has gone for my latest design. But I'm finally happy with it and it is now in the test-knitter's hands. It's the March Mystery Scarf/Stole KnitAlong for the Holiday Mystery Gifts Yahoo group so I won't be posting photos until it's released. You know, because it's a mystery.

rio 001To reward myself for my perseverance (and to ease the guilt about neglecting boat work), I started a little pair of socks for soon-to-arrive baby Ella Grace. This has a hard deadline! She'll only be tiny for a short time.

Of course I really should be working harder at getting set to throw off the lines of the boat and head out to sea in just 3 days!! Today we took our little fiberglass lancha for it's last trip up the river to the town of Rio Dulce/Fronteras. It has now been hauled up onto shore to be stored until we return to Guatemala here in June.
Rio dulce brunos rio 002Today was the last time this season we tied our launcha up to the dock at Bruno's Hotel and Restaurant, and our last meal there too. We shopped for fresh produce, frozen fabulous pork chops and loins from the Casa Guatemala orphanage meat shop, and picked up a stack of fresh corn tortillas from one of the street 006

Here's a photo of Jonesy with our shopping basket and tote bags. Whew! It was hot and humid today and town was just as crowded as usual. We dodged the cattle trucks, big rigs, motorcycles, buses, and tuk-tuks safely happy to know that we won't be doing THAT again for several months.

We will drift down river to Livingston on the coast. There, we will officially check out of Guatemala before crossing the sandbar at the mouth of the river at high tide and out to sea. Our plan is to spend one night in a small anchorage along the coast before setting sail for Roatan Island, Honduras. That passage will be about 26 hours depending on wind and sea conditions.

So, weather permitting we'll be joining our cruising friends at the Roatan Marine Park mooring field in less than a week. Yipppeee! Let the fun begin!

Fair winds and happy sailing!
Fair winds and following seas to you. And happy knitting, I know you'll get a lot done in that week at sea. Can't for you to show us.
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