Sunday, October 09, 2011



Look what Jonesy spotted yesterday morning! It's a Yellow Blotched Palm Pit Viper, and was a really big one too and bright lime green.

Jonesy was taking out the garbage when he looked out into the small canal by the trash pen and saw this beauty swimming quickly away from him.  Yes, it is venomous.

You know, This would be a great color combination for sock yarn wouldn't it?

Nasty! but the colors are very pretty together.
Oh my goodness what a large snake.... but yes the color combination is pretty good. Go for it.
Just don't add the beady eyes or a flicker of the tongue or the scales. Bright green and black, OK.
Like the color pooling. Would be interesting to see this in socks. hmmm, cables imitating the black? or scales, similar to a dragon? decisions, decisions.
ooooh...swimming AWAY is a very good thing....the color combo would make some very awesome socks - esp if you could make a scaley pattern!
Ptretty colors but I wouldn't stick around to ask it to pose for socks!
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