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Knitting Content Continued

So, to continue (after my computer's insane touchpad deleted the rest of the prior blog post and I had a mini-meltdown / hissy-fit combo) here is a photo of the Waterside Socks on the Six Sox Knitalong Yahoo group.

I learned a couple of new techniques from James' pattern. First off, the mini cable is so easy to execute! It is made by double wrapping a stitch on one round, slipping it on the next 2 rounds, then crossing the elongated stitch over 2 other sts - easy and no cable needle needed!

Next, I learned how to knit a "Strong Heel". This heel and gusset construction does not require any short-row wrap and turns or picking up stitches. Very smooth indeed. And it fits great! Now, the pair has been completed, blocked, and tagged to go to the orphanages in Kazakhstan through the Motherless Child Foundation. The yarn is an older Opal "Feelings" sock yarn.

Next up is a plain pair of socks for the kids knit with the ever-popular Regia "Steps". Jonesy says this is one of his favorite pairs I've knit in a while. Nope, not for you dear. You don't even wear socks anymore down here in the tropics.

My knitting guild, that I still belong to (The Camellia City Stockinettes in Sacramento, Calif.) has several on-going charity knitting projects. I haven't done much to support these the past few years because they require washable yarn and all I had was wool (soft, luscious, lovable wool). So, on my recent visit to the states I brought back with me several POUNDS of acrylic (or ack!rylic as us woolly folks call it) just to knit up some of these charity items.

First up is a chemo cap in a subtle shade of Red Heart Chunky yarn sized for a man...a BIG man. I'm just not used to giant yarn and needles after spending years knitting up socks so it turned out kinda extra-large. Anyway, I hope somewhere out there some guy will be happy to find a hat that fits his large bald head.

Then, while I was stash-diving in my yarn lockers on the boat (I consider this exercise by the way) I found some incredible mercerized cotton yarn. The colors were so bright and cheerful! Even though I preferred subdued colors for my headgear when I was bald from chemo, I know that there are other folks who like to wear happy colors. So, I knit up this whimsy chemo cap just for whoever that is going to be. The cast on edge has picots (little bumps) , then there is some 2x2 ribbing. I love how the yarn colors pooled at the top of the hat! Doesn't that look like a storm map or an outer-space nebula? the hat is topped by a length of I-cord doubled back to form a loop.

I was tickled to discover that there are other crafty folks summering here on the Rio Dulce in Guatemala! Now, we have a weekly Wednesday craft session at my marina where we can all get together and create. At our first couple of sessions we all played with polymer clay (Sculpty, Fimo) and made beads, pendants and little toys. Can you believe that I've had all the materials and tools for this on the boat for five years and never even touched it? I stocked up on supplies before we left the states because I thought that I would have SO MUCH TIME to be creative. Not. I have to confess that, just perhaps, my knitting addiction may have contributed to this lack of time to pursue other crafty endeavors.

knit 003
My pendants
Anyway, we have been having a lot of fun with beading, knitting, and next week is card-making with our scrapbooking supplies. I need some cards to attach to the socks that I knit for the orphanages and I'm sure the younger gals (ages 13 and 8) could and would help me out.

knit 005
Currrently on the knitting needles is this blob. Sometime next year, which isn't that far away if you think about it, this will be a new pattern for the Holiday Mystery Gifts yahoo group. What is it? I'm not telling! But I can tell you that Jonesy likes it...OK that is because it is purple. But I accept supportive murmurs from him when I can get them.

Love the hats & seriously considered shaving when my SIL did. I started the socks this evening having given up, temporarily, the rum punch socks in the yarn they are in. Actually, I started Waterslide something like 3 times because of operator malfunction and yarn malfunction but they are going now. These are going to be great socks and yours are gorgeous.
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