Monday, August 15, 2011


Scalloped Lace Socks

Introducing...the August/September sock for the Six Sox Knitalong Yahoo group - SCALLOPED LACE. It is a very simple lace and ribbing patterning on the leg and top of foot with just a touch of scallops on the cuff for that touch of girly-girl. This is my 4th design contribution to the Six Sox group over the past several years. Heck, I'm knitting anyway and need constant change and variety to keep me a happy cruiser so I might as well share what I've come up with, right?

When I first knit these and wrote up the pattern I wasn't really happy with the orange color of the yarn. But suddenly I'm seeing orange everywhere in clothing! I think the fashionistas are calling it "Tangerine", whatever. I just hope a teenage girl in Kazakhstan gets some warmth from them and feels pretty. Yep, these have already been mailed to the collection point for the Motherless Child Foundation.

Those socks are awesome. I do love the color also!
Very cute, yes orange is really popular, it's the new pink. It can range from really orange all the way into the fruit punch or salmon looking oranges.
Love them! Very cute!
I've got to knit these and most likely in my size. Renate
OOOOO I like those!
lol those are some really cool and bright socks!
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