Friday, July 01, 2011


Launcha Envy

Because we live on a river/lake here in Guatemala without roads, our transportation is by boat. Is it part of human nature to envy other men's modes of transportation? I think that may be true. Jonesy stopped dead in his tracks when he saw this lancha  (skiff, panga) tied to the dock at Bruno's marina in town. What was so interesting? The cup holders of course! Look! There are built in cup holders on the seats of this boat! Jonesy has lancha cup holder envy.

That is totally cool! We HAVE to have those. So, next time we go into town, we'll be looking for the plastic inserts. Jonesy can make the holes with his hole saw so we can do the project ourselves. Actually, these will come in handy as we always have water bottles with us that are impossible to keep from rolling around in the bottom of our launcha.

A recent highlight on a trip to town was that the cattle egrets are nesting on the little island in the lake. This tiny speck of land is covered with a noisy combination of water birds. The normally all white cattle egrets are displaying gold colored plumage (breeding plumage) on their heads and down their backs. We crept up quietly and watched as parents tended to chicks and others were hard at work displaying their special feathers and mating.

The other assorted types of egrets, cormorants and vultures acted like they didn't even notice all the activity.

I finished the little baby socks for Carmelita who works here at Mario's marina. These are knit from my "Tiny Treasures" pattern in a nice soft cotton yarn. Yep. It does get a little chilly here during the winter months, sometimes below 60 degrees F! A little baby needs some sockies then.

Life is good back here on the river again. The cruiser potlucks have been well-attended, the happy hours have been, well, happy and we have settled into the rhythms of the lowland jungle of Guatemala.

We have those (or near cousins of) egrets here. At first everyone says "oh look at those pretty birds!" Then one day... we notice that they have taken over a portion of a neighborhood in Dallas. The street and sidewalks below the trees where they nest are now white with poop and the noise is said to be deafening. What brand and colorway is the yarn? It's beautiful!
We have cattle egrets here in Louisiana, too. I love watching their gold plumage blow in the wind.

My grandson and I played "hidden pictures" looking for egrets in the tree you photographed. What fun!
Fortissima Cotton Colori by Schoeller Esslinger Color #14. This is the softest cotton sock yarn I've ever fondled.
Yet again another interesting adventure and beautiful pics to go with it. I hope Jonsey enjoys his new cup holders.... Darrell
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