Sunday, February 06, 2011


HUG ME Socks

Introducing my super easy sock pattern that is perfect for those wildly colored hand-dyed yarns. Hug Me Socks is the February/March 2011 pattern on the Six Sox Knitalong Yahoo group .

Hand-dyed, painted and variegated sock yarns are often so colorfully busy that any knitting stitch patterning simply disappears. These special yarns require a more simplistic approach such as the easy knit and purl combination used in these socks. The bonus is that this patterning makes a stretchy sock that wants to hug your leg and foot. Heel construction is the traditional flap & gusset method.

See how it stretches to fit even my heifer calf quite comfortably? Nope, I won't keep them - they are tucked safely into a locker to be sent to the orphanage in Kazakhstan.

I just joined the Six Sox KAL Group, and I was pleased to see one of your designs up first. I am going to start on them right away so that I can alternate with the lace socks that are giving me difficulty right now. It's nice to feel I have a "connection" with the designer.
I'm just finishing a pair of hand painted socks. Sure wish I'd had this pattern. I feel like mine are a bit too stripey even though I gave the tops a checkerboard effect.
Love the socks. Anxious to make them. Thanks slb
Love the latest Hug Me Socks Terry!
Please be safe in your travels. You are much loved and I enjoy reading about all of your adventures!
The Hug Me Socks are super wonderful. You are so generous with giving...:)
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