Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Cool Bug

Take a look at this very cool bug we found while out walking the other day. Isn't it beautiful? I love the bright red and black velvet-like body and the lacy wing patterns. Unfortunately, it was dead, which is probably why we had the chance to see it! Usually bugs fly by so fast you can't see what they are. Does anyone know what this is? Some sort of bee? The dreaded red-furry-butt-jungle-bumblebee?

That is an amazing looking creature! It sure is beautiful. I wonder if when alive, if it bites and is it poisonous? I will check back later to see if anyone knows what it is.
I googled "red black bee" and found that it could be the Southern Red Sap Bee but I can't find any more info or an image. Does anyone have a field guide to bees that might have a pix?
pretty sure that's a clearwing moth. We get them around here, and they're called hummingbird moths.(They really do look alot like a hummingbird when in flight!) If you google images of either of these, you'll see the resemblance between them and your find.
I was going to say it must be some kind of moth because it has furry antennae, but Margaret beat me to it, and she even knew what kind of moth! Very cool bug.
The closest picture I have from a butterfly conservatory looks like what is called a glasswing or in bug language Greta oto. The wings are clear. My picture showes red and white on the wing veins but the body is more like a dragon fly. I suppose there are as many different types as there are fish in the sea. Thank you for showing us this beautiful creation. Darrell
woow. I have 2 bugs that look almost identical to this in my flat right now. The only difference being the antennas!....Is that normal in the UK? And does anyone know that they are? x
its a scarlet bodied wasp moth.
you can see some amazing photos here
WE just found one what is it
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