Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Christmas in July

Yes, I know it's been quiet on the blog lately even though we DO have internet now. But it's so dang social here and I've also been madly knitting & pattern writing.

Christmas Stockings! Yep, we're having a Christmas in July Knitalong on the Holiday Mystery Gifts Yahoo group beginning July 1st. I've written up 3 different patterns each of which uses a different knitting technique: Stranded colorwork (Fair Isle), Textured Knits & Purls (Gansey), and Intarsia block colorwork.

Each pattern also has a selction of motifs so that the knitters can combine them in their own ways and create unique stockings. Pictured are my two samples for the Stranded Colorwork pattern, and the sample for the Textured work.

I've gotten a little smarter with the Intarsia stocking and am knitting different designs on each side of the stocking! Take a photo of one side, then flip that puppy over and voila! a different stocking.

But wait...there's more...clever knitters will realize that the gauges and stitch counts are the same between projects and can MIX the techniques on ONE stocking! Whoa, Xtreme Knitting.

Love the new patterns, but more about the social life and where you guys are. Please don't make us wait another month....
Hoo boy! Did I ever pick a great time to start knitting along with the holiday mystery group! These are so beautiful, but also intimidating. And now so many choices. :-) I hope you and Jonesy are staying clear of the hurricanes down there, and having fun in Guatemala.
I was looking for Christmas stockings, and came across these. I love them! Please tell me the patterns are available somewhere!
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